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Your ROI is simple

The real cost of adding an extension is ZERO so Why should you pay for it?


Let’s do the ROI math. It’s simple

Here is where it all comes together! To see how much more you’re spending by going with another VoIP service provider lets look at an example. This is what a small customer with 10 extensions with 5 inbound lines would pay with a competitor vs. with InfoFloTalk:

Ring Central - with base package
$29.99 x 10 extensions = $299.90

Ring Central with premium package
$44.99 x 10 extensions = $449.90

InfoFlo Talk - with 5 lines, unlimited extensions and premium features
$29.99 x 4 Business Lines = $119.96
$39.99 x 1 Toll Free Line = $39.99
For a total cost of $159.95 and a savings of 65% over Ring Central

By comparing these two totals, you can see that InfoFloTalk saves the customer 65% in VoIP costs. That’s money you can reinvest in your business, your product, and your employees. Or you could stick with another VoIP provider and spend it all on fees. The choice is up to you.


How did per extension pricing work before VoIP?

Digital advances are great. Yet, before VoIP, times were simpler. If you wanted another extension you just wired a new one into your phone system with a phone line. There was no such thing as a fee for activating a new extension because there was no cost. The only problem you might run into was running out of open ports on your PBX.

Now, with VoIP there’s no such thing as running out of open ports ... We don’t think there should be such a thing as fees per extension either. Our technology puts you back in control of your VoIP service and saves you money.


Do you enjoy paying all those extra fees?

If you’re already using a VoIP service for your business, take a close look at your invoice. You might want to sit down though, the fees you’ll see are frightening.

With other VoIP service providers, you are:

* Paying per extension not per line. Even though each extension doesn’t need a dedicated phone number, you are still paying as if it did.

* Paying almost double for “premium features” or packages. We give them to you for free.

* Misled into thinking that minutes are unlimited. In reality, if you go over the quota, you’ll be paying a per-minute rate that can be as high as 2-3 cents per minute. That adds up quick.

* Not sharing minutes between extensions. A sneaky way for the VoIP provider to charge you more for going over the minutes quota for any of your extension.

* Paying hidden fees. You’ll see fees such as recovery fees and 911 charges. All in all, those can add up to 10-15% of your total monthly bill. We don’t charge any hidden fees. Ever

Traditional wired telephone service providers are no better. The going rates for a single business line with a single number ranges from $40-$50.

Is a traditional wired phone service better?

Nope. Since wired phone providers use outdated technology, you’ll pay more than you have to. A single business line can cost you anywhere from $40-$50 with a wired telephone service provider. Why pay more for worse technology?


How do we save the customer so much money and still make money?

By doing VoIP smarter. We bypass the extra costs of the shared cloud model. These complex multi tenant configuration lead to extra costs which are passed on to the customer through extra fees and “premium” packages.

Instead, we give each and every customer their own dedicated server where nothing is shared. This setup makes the cost of adding extensions approach ZERO. Then, we pass those savings on to you.

Extensions can be added in a matter of seconds using our simple admin web interface. Once a new extension is registered to an endpoint such as a VoIP phone or a smartphone running a VoIP softphone, it can instantly be used to call in/out.