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Optimized for speed, powered by the cloud

If the code can run on a chip it will fly in the Cloud


Our trail-blazing technology

InfoFloTalk started out as an embedded hardware appliance on a printed circuit board (see the picture below). It was powered by a single core, low powered ARM processor and ran only 128MB of RAM. It supported both LAN connections and dual PSTN (traditional phone line) connections. It was designed to be a hybrid between VoIP and traditional phone networks.

At the time, VoIP was just starting to get popular and the Cloud was still in its infancy. We developed this technology almost a decade ago, long before Apple or Google started to see the benefits of low-powered computing.

Since our devices had such small resource requirements, InfoFloTalk’s code had to be compact and highly organized. After we manufactured about 100 physical units in China, we realized that quality assurance was a nightmare for such precise hardware. So, we moved our code to a software Virtual Machine.

Moving things to the Virtual Machine allowed the software’s advanced technology to shine and over 500 units were sold. InfoFloTalk customers loved our VoIP service just as it started catching on, and you’ll love our service today now that VoIP is the mainstream option for business phone service.


Optimized code plus inexpensive cloud computing power = unbeatable value

Fortunately, the Cloud is all grown up now. Since our code was built to run on just 128MB of RAM, it is lightning fast on the high-speed cloud where it’s hosted. InfoFloTalk is built to harness the power of cheap Cloud Virtual Machines which are very inexpensive. This gives our product a huge step up in competition in the marketplace.

Even large multi-billion-dollar corporations can’t compete against what we offer because their technology just isn’t up to par. Since our technology is the best around, we have huge savings and then pass those on to you and your business.