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Its all about the big picture

All the software needed to run your business, perfectly designed to work together


A complete technology platform to run your business all from one vendor

In a world where businesses choose to use multiple software products from different vendors, things can get messy in a hurry. We believe in keeping things simple. We have built a complete technology platform. All our products work seamlessly together right out of the box because they are built to work together in the first place.

No one needs to take on an integration project involving separate databases and systems that weren’t meant to go together. Like putting together a puzzle with the wrong pieces, it just doesn’t work. Our products are the perfect match for each other. They automatically collect, link, archive, and index large amounts of data. This keeps you, the customer, in charge; not the cloud or service provider.


InfoFlo CRM

The heart of the InfoFlo platform and our flagship product is InfoFlo CRM. It allows you to automatically link, archive, search, and share, all your phone calls, voicemails, recordings, emails, appointments, tasks, notes, projects, and more.

Best of all, you do all of it from one application where YOUR data is at YOUR fingertips.

InfoFlo CRM is the #1 CRM for use with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365. We don’t charge monthly fees and YOU own all your data. Forever.


InfoFlo Pay

There’s no faster way to make and receive payments than InfoFloPay. Send invoices and estimates to your customers with a single click. Track pending invoices, create periodic reports, and provide a sign-on web portal for your customers to see their purchasing history.

Even with all these great features, you avoid the heavy payment processing fees that financial institutions charge.

Still not convinced? You can sync all your transactions to Intuit QuickBooks or InfoFloCRM for smooth transitions to the next step of the workflow.


InfoFlo Forms

Collecting data from online forms is easy with InfoFloForms. Whether it’s from your website or another landing page, our software lets you automatically start a CRM workflow based on user input.

InfoFloForms lets you automatically drive a workflow by creating new contacts, new tasks, and link them together.

Then, you can assign them to a member of the sales team or add it to your to-do list. All of your data is efficiently compiled for easy access all while saving valuable time.